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Personal Presence

Your personal presence tells the world so much about you.

When your image is polished and refined, your personal presence conveys a grounded and trustworthy person…someone whom people want to interact with and do business. When your image is out of balance, your personal presence is compromised and may send unintended signals to the very people you want to positively influence.

Valuing yourself is the first step to acquiring more personal presence. We are experts in building personal presence and we use a range of services, including through your personal image.

Our team of experienced Image Consultants work with you to deliver a programme that will move you forward quickly and easily to build on your personal presence. Select from some or all of the following services:

Personality collage : discover who you are through creating your own personality profile.

Colour analysis & make up : learn what specific colours harmonise with your colour aura, learn how to use colour to achieve maximum impact.

Style analysis : discover the clothing shapes that best suit your body's natural lines, learn the language of clothes and the rules of dress so that you have complete control over the impression you create.

Wardrobe management : identify how to make the clothes you have work for you. Gain tips on accessories, converting outfits to create different looks. Gaps in your wardrobe will be identified. Create clothing capsules to meet all your lifestyle needs.

Personal shopping : take the pain out of shopping by 'seeing' the clothes that are best for you. Speed up the process by ignoring what will not work. Have more confidence in what you buy; spend less and have more to wear.

If you would like you or your staff to gain a competitive edge and increase their chances of success - you need to increase the personal presence. Call Imagine Your Potential on 0845 0504817 or email us at info@imagineyourpotential.com

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