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Developing Your Personal Impact
Your personal presence is the experience people have of you and the memory that they will take away. This workshop is for individuals who want to maximise their presence and create a powerful impact on the people they meet and work with.

This workshop enables participants to answer 3 key questions:

  • How do I come across to others?
  • How and why do I behave in the way I do in certain situations (particularly when under pressure)
  • What do I need to change to influence more effectively?

Participants will learn to think differently about their day-to-day interactions, assess their own personal brand attributes and identify ways to develop new and highly effective approaches to build and manage more productive relationships.

The benefits and advantages of understanding their own and others Emotional Intelligence will be introduced.

A range of interactive exercises will help participants build their self-awareness of how they come across to others. As part of their brand analysis they will be challenged to be open and honest both in receiving feedback on others perception of themselves, and also in giving feedback to other members of the group. The emphasis is on creating insight, increasing confidence and raising self-esteem.

Making An Impact
– an in depth look at what impact is, what 'great' impact looks and feels like and how people impact on one another.

First Impressions – a look at the assumptions and judgements we make automatically and how they affect the way we behave.

Analysis Of Personal Brand Style and Strengths – each person gives a short analysis of their personal style and what works for them, paying particular attention to how they think they impact on others. They will get feedback from their colleagues on what else they believe works for them. We then look at what 'gets in the way' of making their impact great.

Presenting With Impact – we explore the individual challenges when presenting and examine what makes a presenter excellent. Additional skills and techniques will be explored to enhance performance.

How Emotions Affect Behaviour – Emotional Intelligence accounts for 45% of business success, so we examine what it is and how to become a more emotionally intelligent leader. We will explore what questions participants have about their own personal leadership style and how their skill set compares to the 10 leadership competencies that drive Emotional Intelligence. This section will help participants to take a fresh look at difficult relationships at work.

Networking With Impact – we explore the art to effective networking. Individual networking strategies are reviewed against clear personal and business goals. Each person analyses their network, pipeline strategies are put into place creating a more organised system. The skills of active listening and use of open questions are examined. We review the impact of current communication tools used and create an impressive elevator pitch with clarity and impact.

If you would like you or your staff to gain a competitive edge and increase their chances of success - you need to increase the personal presence. Call Imagine Your Potential on 0845 0504817 or email us at info@imagineyourpotential.com


  • Leaders looking to achieve greater influence in their current role
  • Aspirational mangers looking to stand out
  • Business owners who need to maximise their personal impact to grow their business


  • A clear understanding of the impact they have on others
  • Feedback on personal style and know how to flex it for maximum impact
  • Help on what behaviours need to change to create a positive impact and impression with clients and colleagues every time.

By the end participants will have experienced a fuller understanding of what it's like to be on the receiving end of 'you'. As a result of becoming more aware of their own, and others' emotions and personal impact on others, they will be able to communicate and lead more effectively, particularly when under pressure.




7 July 2014
11 September 2014
12 March 2015



Investment £495 includes a follow up 90 minute session to complete your personal impacet assessment.
Price is per delegate and includes VAT





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