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Debbie Smith, Founder


Debbie Smith foresaw the future of personal branding in the late 90’s and founded Imagine Your Potential… in 1998. She is one of only a few highly experienced and qualified Personal Impact Specialists in the UK.

Debbie coaches and trains individuals and organisations on issues focusing on personal brand impact, emotional intelligence and career strategy. Her ability to combine hard, honest assessment, helpful feedback and experienced insight makes her a highly sought after impact expert for businesses and organisations.

She enjoys an extremely high success rate and is known to assist numerous senior executive managers achieve promotion through personal brand impact coaching.

Debbie has developed a series of unique training programmes. She helps individuals and groups assess, understand and improve their own personal impact. To date over 1200 clients have successfully completed the Imagine Your Potential Impact Cycle™ programmes.

"Personal branding is not about the clothes and colours you wear, she says. "It's about how people perceive you from what they see and hear. It is about what you stand for, where you want to go and how you go about getting there.

Everyone has a brand whether it is designed consciously or not - with a little bit of insight and honest direction people can make that brand work for them.

Your personal brand identity is about how you look, act and sound. You and everyone else measures everything you do against it; It is how you meet new people, how you handle colleagues, give presentations, run meetings, write reports; it's not just how you dress".

Within the corporate sector, many of Debbie's clients know her for honest evaluation and probing questions. More recently she has shown her skills and knowledge working alongside organisations within the health service, retail, finance and commercial sectors

Maximising Impact

Maximising Impact

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